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Hefelump x
50 cent called himself that because it signifies the change in his life he didnt name himself after a gangsta
Comment from : Hefelump x

Kornon c
Lil camel toe
Comment from : Kornon c

I have an idea for a new rap name but don’t know if I’d run into legal trouble if I were to use the name. I was thinking of using the name NorthFace since I’m from the north east of England and I have a fair amount of clothes by them
Comment from : NE1

Colby Cain
How about Fighting Irish for a rapper name because I'm part Irish.
Comment from : Colby Cain

Matt Miller
I feel like if I use my name I will always be compared to Mac Miller :(
Comment from : Matt Miller

lebron Smith
The B.B.C

The Big Black Chris

Comment from : lebron Smith

Check out my work I’ve been trying harder an harder to do succeed
Comment from : CHAVCHAZ _

The One
MC Risk
Las Vegas is known for casinos and gambling and we risking it all out here to go big

Comment from : The One

Josh w
Easy: Lil Insert name of drug
Comment from : Josh w

I like jojo bizarre adventure so my name is shit
Comment from : CloutxMe

calin ramnarain
50 cents first rap name was young ceaser
Comment from : calin ramnarain

Antarctica on Fire
Comment from : Pen_auinas

Serrian the great
Siri denzel 🔥 or nah
Comment from : Serrian the great

Heart and Purpose For Real
J da Kiss of Death=Jadakiss
Comment from : Heart and Purpose For Real

Phantom Gaming
Just choose Slim Shady, you don’t have to be the real one ;-)
Comment from : Phantom Gaming

Evan Garcia
Is Nick Evanz a good rap name y’all?
Comment from : Evan Garcia

Comment from : Stoogs

Topher Pehrson
Comment from : Topher Pehrson

TheRussianOne Official
I made mine when I was bored and I wanna change it to something that people will take seriously and something that I like

Edit: took out dumb question about lil baby 1:47 answered it

Comment from : TheRussianOne Official

Joshua Flores-rush
damn u really helped me plus u funny as heck i cant wait till i blowwwww
Comment from : Joshua Flores-rush

no beginner can rap great
eminem at 15: hold my.... soda

Comment from : Vypa

My name is iSnag
Comment from : xDefiant

Alexei Smirnoff
Ariana Venti
Comment from : Alexei Smirnoff

Ima go by NBA Panda lol
Comment from : millennixm

Violence Is Fun
My new rap names gonna be Jenius
Comment from : Violence Is Fun

The Truth Channel
I kind of just want to use my real name, but I actually like Passionate Coleman because my name is Nathan Coleman, and my nickname Nate, is in the beginning of the name and I am very passionate about what I do. In all honesty, I won't get offended, but what do y'all think about Passionate Coleman? Everybody calls me Nasty Nate, but that name is taken by alot of guys.
Comment from : The Truth Channel

Victor Makarov
I will choose bin ladin as a rap name😂😂😂lol
Comment from : Victor Makarov

Brianna Patterson
My rapper name is Payleks
Comment from : Brianna Patterson

Anthony Felix
Dude my name is Anthony Felix Francis and I am 16 years old and I need a rap name, but I don't know how to form it cause I feel like my real name sulks.
Comment from : Anthony Felix

the Sesch
Imma go with Renegade
Comment from : the Sesch

AK legend
Nope i got it
Lil Rex

Comment from : AK legend

AK legend
Blue juice
Or ferry boi

Comment from : AK legend

AK legend
Hmmmmmmm i gave some thought and i chose.... Xxxtentacion
Comment from : AK legend

Daddy Man
ima gunna go out and kill three people
Comment from : Daddy Man

Shakina Milledge
23 baby
Comment from : Shakina Milledge

Bryan Jackson
MC New York was 2pac
Comment from : Bryan Jackson

The only good names i came up with is....
J Havok
J.E.Y Terra (Or Terror)
Jay Klipz
And yeah ....Im weird

Comment from : MugShotz

My name is Slim Shady (siim shady) I broke the system you get the point?
Comment from : LEZY ESCORIAL

Give me some mix with Angel + Andrew.
Comment from : LEZY ESCORIAL

Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks
Comment from : Arthur

Miki Malul
Burst your bubble butt

Comment from : Miki Malul

The Unique Clone
Jesus Christ, these comments are making me laugh from all these wack ass names😂😂😂

What a year 2015 is

Comment from : The Unique Clone

altruistic gamer
Yes sir!! If eminem came out and called himself( I shit my pants man) he'd still be on of the deepest mc's on the planet
Comment from : altruistic gamer

Lucas Lima
My rap name is King Smoke, cause I’m only where it’s fire, besides I’m in almost every rapper mouth
Comment from : Lucas Lima

Lebo Munjeri
If anyone wants take the name Auxy Moron it’s free
Comment from : Lebo Munjeri

Well my acctual nick would be good 🤔 probably with Yung or some shit like that

Probably YungAdaT ain't that bad too

Comment from : Hycix

Cool-aid 😂😂
Comment from : Spork

Kings Beats
Is arrnoking a good name
Comment from : Kings Beats

Lane Garcia
My name is absolute trash tho
Comment from : Lane Garcia

Zak Jet
I like the idea of using a TV character that I like. I'm finna go with "Doug Dimadome Owner of the Dimsdale Dimadome"
Comment from : Zak Jet

Metallica is Amazing
Is Phatdick Square a good name
Comment from : Metallica is Amazing

Michael Griggs
1:27 "I hate to burst your bubble butt"


Comment from : Michael Griggs

Ice Cube has his name since he created
Comment from : ZappyZ

da lit squad
my name is going to be yung money
Comment from : da lit squad

Eric Whang
I politely disagree. He made a lot of good points, but a name represents you. If you want to be known, you want a name that invokes power and inspiration. A mediocre name wont cut it, at least for me
Comment from : Eric Whang

My rap name is Axtrixis
Comment from : Axtrixis

12:29 This is the most clever series of social media plugs I think I've ever seen. GG
Comment from : Dastick

How does 8stitch sound
Comment from : STIXCH

Elite Gunner
woozy drew would be a good name for him
Comment from : Elite Gunner

demon GH
Lil juice box is mine
Comment from : demon GH

Dj Kutt’n Cee
Big Drew. You are an intelligent brother.
Comment from : Dj Kutt’n Cee

Dustin Whitesell
Thanks for the info bro
Comment from : Dustin Whitesell

Comment from : NoRMiEx

Kara Grmy
Sponge bozz from Germany 😂😂
Comment from : Kara Grmy

Mark Lucas
I think my rap name will be “lil white boi”
Comment from : Mark Lucas

Comment from : XaotiC

Gabriel GG
Lil Toe (Lil Toenail) needs this video
Comment from : Gabriel GG

Abbie Kendrick
I’ve had:
Insane instigator
MC Sam

Comment from : Abbie Kendrick

Ronald mcrapper
Comment from : Grandma

Micah Godfrey Music
my gov name is Micah Godfrey but I feel it might be too touchy cause the word God is in it and because of the edgy music and imagery i'm making so I was thinking "MicahGTheLeo" what do u think?
Comment from : Micah Godfrey Music

My names sean what do you think my rap name should be
Comment from : SnowyGrinds

Don Mystic72
I went with clone cause everyone tells me i sound like alot of other people
Comment from : Don Mystic72

7 x
My nick name is Erxvk
Comment from : 7 x

well my last name is payne and ive had a couple if shitty shite happen to me hows that ??
Comment from : MERIMIX GAMING

Doonut Giva
Lil Waffles

Young Coochie

Big Olaf

MC Danny Duncan

Too Yella Boii

Slim Bacon

Lil Caterpillar

Yo' Bouncey

Youngsta Swagg

Dilly McTits

Fat Honey

So So Juicy

Young Pasta

K. The Plumber

Comment from : Doonut Giva

David Masterson
Mine is Ma$ter$on I wanna rap like eminem so I'm thinking of changing it to Skittles lol :)
Comment from : David Masterson

Idk why I clicked here, I already picked Manic for my name lol
Comment from : Manic

realkid. savage
MC Savage
Comment from : realkid. savage

ya boi tyler
What about T Dog?
Comment from : ya boi tyler

Can I go by Yung Dagger Dick?
Comment from : ABC DEF

dredono ? or is that corny ?
Comment from : BlvckArtistt

g o m b
my logo is ( X _ X )
Comment from : g o m b

William Lavagna
I'm thinking about calling myself Will.i.am ...Surely that's not taken.
Comment from : William Lavagna

My name is Alex K
turned the l to an i

Comment from : LIFE

Comment from : agentQ2000

Lil Alian?
Comment from : iDarkDoom

Young Goofy
$auce god
Comment from : Young Goofy

Liam Willis
Can you do a video whereyou teach people how to rap
Comment from : Liam Willis

MC dicksmoker
Comment from : Battlefield3TK

Use our Rap Name Generator for free! www.rapchat.me/rapnamegenerator
Comment from : Rapchat

Abubaker Hamad
i picked my street name BTK it stands for born to kill oh i made lots of raps and did not upload it cuz i dont feel like doing that!
Comment from : Abubaker Hamad

G-Simba G
Comment from : G-Simba G

Next rap name finna be Busta-Nut
Comment from : Creezek

I'm not a new rapper I've been rapping for 4 years but this is very helpful
Comment from : JOSHUA LARSON

What do you guys think of

Lil chode-destroyer

Comment from : Eddjie

My government name is fucking weird
Comment from : Xenaonthetrack

LeeLee squad
Ok ok i might subscibe yo
Comment from : LeeLee squad

How do I improve my rap voice, I sound terrible when rapping,
Comment from : DeadRatStew

MC34 Sebastian
He looks like ludacris
Comment from : MC34 Sebastian

Antonio Laracuente
I did the old school one and my name could be violence or conscience
Comment from : Antonio Laracuente

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