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Sippy Ranjan
this is viels on rock
Comment from : Sippy Ranjan

Marijka Sutcliffe
Mothers really need to stop being so pushy on this series
Comment from : Marijka Sutcliffe

Mr. Mao
First mother look both 12 and 54 I don't get it
Comment from : Mr. Mao

Madison Engels
“ I got the guy... I already won” aw
Comment from : Madison Engels

Yasmin Khan
Dresses look so good if you've got the right curves wow
Comment from : Yasmin Khan

Omg the pageant guy triggers me.
Comment from : Sabcode

Chitra Parthasarathy
The father is awesome. Admiring his child proudly. Girl is so cute. Whole family very graceful and beautiful
Comment from : Chitra Parthasarathy

Jannat Ayan
They have dress for everyone except me. ☹
Comment from : Jannat Ayan

KLM Hooked Moore
I'm sorry. Kelly is a pageant queen? I don't see it.
Comment from : KLM Hooked Moore

Dani Swartz
"Look how beautiful Betty is in that dress, not look how beautiful that dress is on Betty."
What an amazing dad, I'm so happy that she has supportive parents 💕

Comment from : Dani Swartz

Melonie Hoop
She brought toooo many people
Comment from : Melonie Hoop

Chloe Chua
Look how beautiful Betty is in that dress not how beautiful that dress is on Betty. - Mike. The most inspirational thing said in this video.
Comment from : Chloe Chua

Farrukh Zafar
This dress is beautiful fish dress is not beautiful always
Comment from : Farrukh Zafar

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ mimi
why the first one bring the whole damn neighbourhood with her!??
Comment from : ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ mimi

Lethuthando Maphalala
The 2nd brides dress😭😭😍😍😍
Comment from : Lethuthando Maphalala

Lost Internet Girl
How come in this video they left out the first Brides entourage going: ouloulouloulou
Comment from : Lost Internet Girl

The smile the first woman had when she saw her dress.
That makes me cry. You can feel her happiness

Comment from : HappyGlowWorm

Nicole Meneses
The second bride looked breathtaking, that hair color with the skin and then the dress, omg
Comment from : Nicole Meneses

There are pagents for old ppl too?
Comment from : Anu_G

Thumbnail dress is STUNNING.
Comment from : FlickerFlame

perfectly imperfect23
I LOVE betty's dress!!
Comment from : perfectly imperfect23

Kate Short
4th bride... YAAAS girl!!!
Comment from : Kate Short

Minty Alpaca
i love the tears of joy when a bride gets jacked up!! makes me soo happy inside :-))
Comment from : Minty Alpaca

The second bride made me cry. They are all beautiful ♥️
Comment from : luvoshun

and i oop
why is no one talking bout how gorgeous the 2nd bride is like i cant even😍😍😍
Comment from : and i oop

Life's Journey
That second bride tho, come on, seriously...she could wear a potato sack and be STUNNING!!!
Comment from : Life's Journey

Kelly’s dress is beautiful! Mr. Micheal can shut the fuck up.
Comment from : প্রদীপা

Luna Perić
The pageant coach is a hypocrite
Comment from : Luna Perić

Luna Perić
1. Dress I think her mom just wanted to see her daughter in a princess dress
Comment from : Luna Perić

LilicornRainbow Cupcake
I'm 13 why am I here
Comment from : LilicornRainbow Cupcake

Bettys dress was sooo amazing
Comment from : Kaitlin

That Dad Mike was so supportive...thats what a dad should be like👍🏼
Comment from : Angel36930

Dilla Sanchez
omggg the first one, she literally looks like princess 😍😍😍😍❤
Comment from : Dilla Sanchez

Veronika Zimmermann
Unfortunately the tattoos make her look ugly and ghetto.
Comment from : Veronika Zimmermann

T r a n s f o r m e r s
Comment from : •k•

Bettys dad...u could see the pride in him from a mile away!
Comment from : CRITTa BUG

Rosetta Louisséus
The title didn't disappoint!! I love this dress!!! And the traditional cape or whatever they call it.
Comment from : Rosetta Louisséus

You're Mine
Deng that's a lot of them😂😂😂😂
Comment from : You're Mine

Evelyn Kendle
"Oh my god I'm gonna cry."

Comment from : Evelyn Kendle

Jessica Lyngkhoi
Every bride is so gorgeous
Comment from : Jessica Lyngkhoi

Beddy and her family all so stunning and beautiful and so is her dress
Comment from : Prerna

grac ray
First bride is stunning..
Comment from : grac ray

Ezgi Ö.
The last mean guy is just jealous
Comment from : Ezgi Ö.

Hairam Leba
The second bride was gorgeous!! Omg!!!
Comment from : Hairam Leba

The second Dress was beautiful too she looked so Good 😍
Comment from : Nora

Clarissa Rossman
Mom, if you’re religious, you shouldn’t be dressing one way at church and one way at night. Your values should remain the same no matter your location (and the original dress was totally church appropriate)
Comment from : Clarissa Rossman

whats that family's ethnic background?
Comment from : Lola

Evelyn Cesareo
What are you saying to this dress? “ uhh... yeaaaa “ idk that had me laughing 😂
Comment from : Evelyn Cesareo

Salobrena Smith
a confident bride is always the most beautiful.
Comment from : Salobrena Smith

Kelly looked like a doll
Looked gorgeous

Comment from : Ulvia

Jacqueline davy
Miss Lori and Monte I love how you tow work you're magic take care
Comment from : Jacqueline davy

Aubrey Edwards
Bride: “Oh my god I’m gonna cry”

Lori: “Probably”

Comment from : Aubrey Edwards

The Indian Mum is a rude cow
Comment from : aussiechickusa

Christine Renney
He is a bit of a twit that last guy
Comment from : Christine Renney

Haleigh Richards
All the girls nails were pink
Comment from : Haleigh Richards

None Yah
So I have the place to get married the dress now I just need a man 🙃
Comment from : None Yah

Eugenia Fateeva
Dark skin and white dresses are a one breathtaking combination
Comment from : Eugenia Fateeva

Coffee Lover
I actually like the last dress.
Comment from : Coffee Lover

Lisa Verschoof
What dress is the pageant girl wearing? I absolutely love it 😍
Comment from : Lisa Verschoof

gn lilu
I cried with the second girl 😭 she looks stunning ❤️
Comment from : gn lilu

Alyssa Crowe
I think that third dress is one of the single most stunning dresses I've ever seen on this show
Comment from : Alyssa Crowe

Rigel Tubs
The first bride looked like a freaking DISNEY PRINCESS/QUEEN
Comment from : Rigel Tubs

Monty loves those huge ass earrings so much, they are not my style at all.
Comment from : LWTR

suah coco
Do u only work with skinny brides?
Comment from : suah coco

Mia Tempmaclost
Mom is a bitch
Comment from : Mia Tempmaclost

It’s Sam
5:02 that’s a fucking beautiful family.. the bride is stunning.. the dad is handsome and the lil girl is gorgeous 😍
Comment from : It’s Sam

It’s Sam
4:57 that gurl kinda looks like a young Miley Cyrus
Comment from : It’s Sam

Say What?
Tradition or no tradition, that purple thing on her head and around her shoulders has got to go, does not go with the white dress.
Comment from : Say What?

Susan Delay
She looks like Grace K elly
Comment from : Susan Delay

Chuene Masoga
Why would you bring so many people though
Comment from : Chuene Masoga

Carlos Centeno
Michelle branch should see this
Comment from : Carlos Centeno

monkeynumber nine
I do enjoy watching this show...
I'm getting remarried to my first husband.
We were divorced 25 years ago and we both regretted it within months of splitting up.

Comment from : monkeynumber nine

Faty Torrez
Que bella deseo casarme algún día, Dios primero y así sea.
Comment from : Faty Torrez

Tae Tae
Damnnnn they’re ALL GORGEOUS 😮❤️
Comment from : Tae Tae

D'Anna C
That first bride better HYDRATE or she WILL FAINT IN ALL THAT
It's a lot of stuff.

Sweating is NOT a "look"

Comment from : D'Anna C

cloudy day
The second dress was so wow on her body🤩
Comment from : cloudy day

Why don't she have longer hair or a wig?
Comment from : JE ENN

Tae X
Betty is beautiful
Comment from : Tae X

Voice Of Neha
1 girl look very pretty
Comment from : Voice Of Neha

Cory Elton
Shut the hell up Michael...….seriously - her wedding dress, not yours.
Comment from : Cory Elton

Alenka Venx
First one looks like Pope haha
Comment from : Alenka Venx

Puppies4ever TheFam
I really cannot stand the last guy! He is such a jerk! The bride is a “pageant coach” not a good bridal entourage.
Comment from : Puppies4ever TheFam

Aiyesha Amod
The first bride didnt have an entourage, she had the entire village
Comment from : Aiyesha Amod

All of those dresses are gorgeous!
Comment from : LLC

Sarah-Anne Carney
Omg the second bride is so beautiful she captivated me I loved her look.
Comment from : Sarah-Anne Carney

Chloe Wilson
that floral dress on the 3rd woman is BEAUTIFUL ❤❤
Comment from : Chloe Wilson

If i ever got married i wouldn't want a lot of people with me buying a wedding dress
Comment from : robpattinsonnewmoon

WHAT AN AZZ!!! He would NOT b talking to me like that.... But I love how her GM was unbothered by him!!! Lol
Comment from : BLACKDIAMONDK35

jane tey
okay, mr michael's an a-hole but lets talk about how cute her grandmother is! i mean, look at her! and her feet are crossed, sooo cuteeee
Comment from : jane tey

Caity Bush
For the first girl what does her religious gown mean ? What religion is she ?
Comment from : Caity Bush

Everyone looked so beautiful! I can't wait till I get married eek!
Comment from : 서소영

100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party!
The first family has such great genes, the entire family is gorgeous.

The second bride Brandy is absolutely stunning... her entire look is perfection!

Comment from : 100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party!

Mihoo Javi
Omg the third dress was really amazing...just marvellous...❤😀👍
Comment from : Mihoo Javi

Kati Nicole
The second one looks like the dress was Made for her! I love it
Comment from : Kati Nicole

Janette Pekantan
Third dress, it looks like a winter enchanted forest princess dress 😍
Comment from : Janette Pekantan

wow wow
Im far from getting married so why am i here? 😂
Comment from : wow wow

Sara Syed
That traditional dress looks so good
Comment from : Sara Syed

Polijuana Cracker
Not your wedding mom
Comment from : Polijuana Cracker

allAmerican Swede
Betty was my favourite!
Comment from : allAmerican Swede

Tree House
Betty has nice teeth. All the brides looked beautiful in their selected dresses.
Comment from : Tree House

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