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Artur Artur
Nazzi Racist shops
Comment from : Artur Artur

Silvia Adams
Rapsöl is Canola Oil:-)
Comment from : Silvia Adams

Armin Repic
Germany, where you have italian icemakers all over the place and you buy the worst icecream on the planet...well done and for sure has nothing to do with "german" groceries shopping.
Put your head out of where the sun never shines...

Comment from : Armin Repic

Luna around Japan
Bio Produkte und dann alles in Plastik verpackt “smh” -.-
Comment from : Luna around Japan

Pat B
Funny hearing Steve Wonder singing in the background
Comment from : Pat B

Petra J
Are you still over there?
Comment from : Petra J

Niko 12Skrbinec34
Hi great video, I agree Bulgur, Couscous, are excellent, you should try Buckwheat porridge, it is a great option instead of rice.
Greetings from Slovenia, the sunny side of the Alps under Austria!

Comment from : Niko 12Skrbinec34

Charles von Lubrich
I prefer the local shops over the super market.
Comment from : Charles von Lubrich

Crn crn
Super geil EDEKA
Comment from : Crn crn

All the veggies packed in plastic 😡😡😡
Comment from : Holyfox

Wendy Bartschi
Can anyone tell me how to use the produce scales? I'm in Germany and trying to figure it out...
Comment from : Wendy Bartschi

Sir Trouble’s Gaming
EDEKA is like Ingles .... more expensive products but the quality is usually very good.
Comment from : Sir Trouble’s Gaming

Ali Cooper
My German students approve ;)
Comment from : Ali Cooper

Chris Seavers
Unfortunately Ben & Jerry's is imported from the US, or UK, i think!? Therefore its 2-3€ more expensive then for ex.HäagenDazs..
Comment from : Chris Seavers

Comment from : Brie

klaus kleber
Good to see you again. :)
How is your german?
Do you have problems with grocery shopping?
Learn your kids german?

Comment from : klaus kleber

ayman alfred
i like grocery tours
Comment from : ayman alfred

Are the eggs not refrigerated there?
Comment from : anastasia103180

Lucky fcbarcelona
Hell yessss!!! I love when she does these! Thank you
Comment from : Lucky fcbarcelona

Cosmyna DeD3
Hello!!!I'm glad that you are back.❤🤗🌹
You can buy canola oil directly from Amazon or try to find the brand Mazola in stores.😙
Take care❤

Comment from : Cosmyna DeD3

Love seeing these grocery store trips! So interesting!
Comment from : Thelinewifelife

Love seeing you & these international grocery stores, keep it up!
Comment from : Naughtysauce

Matthew Buntyn
The "raps" is rapeseed oil and, depending on the variety used, may be Canola oil. I am a wellspring of near useless information.
Comment from : Matthew Buntyn

Donnie Ray Phipps
Comment from : Donnie Ray Phipps

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