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Ozz Man
Well this is the second video I watched from ur channel. Now this one is informative.
Comment from : Ozz Man

If you rent a car and drive into a city and park, and THEN put your luggage and valuables in the trunk, you are making yourself a TARGET for thieves, who hang out at parking areas waiting to tourists to rob. Put your valuables in the trunk before you get into a city or town or whatever. Like at a gas station or grocery store parking lot. It's very easy for a thief to pry open your trunk and take all your stuff. And don't leave your passport, wallet, purse in a rental car.
Comment from : spicecrop

gholi Moli
Reneult sale promotion?
Comment from : gholi Moli

Joel Letendre
We always drive as well. So much more to see off the beaten path. We get the very basic Insurance as our credit card covers all the excesses. We find renting in Europe to be very inexpensive and hassle free.
Comment from : Joel Letendre

Yörük Kızı
Very beautiful 😍👍
Comment from : Yörük Kızı

u have so much fucking time in the ad.
Comment from : WUT?

Fay Oliver
Hey love your videos 😊

I was wondering if you or anyone in the comment section knows about driving in Canada with a full U.K. license?

Iv read online a few different things about it, like you can only drive on a U.K. license for 90 days or I have been told that you can drive on it for a whole year. I’m going in a working holiday visa and want to be able to drive for the whole time I’m there for. I also read online that if you haven’t been driving for more than 2 years, you’d have to sit a driving test? Even thought you have a full English driving license.

Does anyone have any advice or information?

Thank you 😊

Comment from : Fay Oliver

XOh Billie
Ive always thought of renting a car but its always complicated looking (having to look everything up anyways) .. this video makes it more simple hah thanks! Its very helpful!
Comment from : XOh Billie

OBS! You forgot to mention the most important thing - your PAYMENT CARD! Make sure you call your bank and ask them if it's the right kind. We have seen so many people run into that problem at the car rental shops.
Comment from : Marianna

DocTourer Shashvat
Can Someone please tell me the name of the font in the thumbnail. I absolutely love it. please
Comment from : DocTourer Shashvat

Ken Goldman
I rented a car in New Zealand five years ago and drove over 1,300 miles (2,000 km) all over the South Island. Loads of fun but be warned, if you aren’t used to driving on the left side of the road, the first day might be a bit terrifying. I had to deal with roundabouts right outside the Christchurch airport, and was very lucky not to go the wrong way or hit anything! Might wanna take it slow in less traffic if this is your situation!!
Comment from : Ken Goldman

vagab bam
Thanks for this perfect and clear video !!! I work for Renault Canada and if you're ok I'll share this video on our Facebook Page :)
Comment from : vagab bam

I'm gonna need this in like 7 months
Comment from : mirandaalexis

From UK so never driven abroad and on other side , is it easier to drive abroad if you drive on same side ?
Comment from : s125ish

george saguna
Hi there Nadine I personally cant go any where without a car especially as \I have a family of 5 and public transport becomes very expensive very quickly and less time efficient. I am based in Europe and I always make use of a site called easyterra, these guys are brokers so you are always assured to get a real amazing price. You can tailor design your rental and insurance. I prefer to book through such a broker as this means that if I have some problem with the car there is a third person to back me up and not just having to put forward my complaint directly with the care rental provider. It also means that the insurance cover is typically much cheeper as you are only insuring the excess fees. One thing I suggest is that you always take photos of the car as you pick it up and as you return it, one thing to take photos of is if the dashboard with the fuel thank and the milage displayed. I have found these very useful as some rentals have tried to charge for fuel once I had returned the vehicle full and other times when I vas charged for dents which were there from the start. Take care to note that in some countries the tiers, windshield and undercarriage are insured separately such as in most of Scandinavia.
Comment from : george saguna

Elena Taber
I’ve alwayssss wanted to rent a car and cruise through Europe but literally have no idea how so THANK YOU
Comment from : Elena Taber

Lava Yuki
Im from the UK so we drive on the left and I also passed my test in the automatic, so can't drive manual. With most of Europe being manual cars and right hand drive, I've always been too scared to drive. In the UK, for automatic rentals you need to book well in advance as there's almost never any to rent if you just show up. Not sure how other EU countries are, but manuals seem to be the main ones
Comment from : Lava Yuki

Last night, my anglophile friend was talking about he and his wife spending a year in England. They bought a car then sold it back to the guy a year later for ~US$500 less. It only took 5 days to get used to driving on the wrong.. ahem left side of the road. Using his left hand to shift gears was driving him insane though.

Thanks for the tips Nadine.

Comment from : vclamp

INSURANCE INFO FOR AMERICAN'S - No...your auto insurance doesn't cover your rental car out of the USA or Canada. Yes..Your umbrella policy should be (read it or get a good agent) world wide coverage if you have a big accident. So...outside of the USA and Canada make sure you buy the local coverage from your rental car company and make sure your personal umbrella policy is paid up before you go! Any questions...feel free to ask.
Comment from : DOUG and NIKI

this was very useful video Nadine because I am planning to rent a car in summer :) do you have any recommendation how many weeks/months should I book it before I arrive? :) thank you!
Comment from : Yorkee2222

My friend and I rent a car in Canada, my friend was responsible for renting the car, it was done under her name but she didn't bring her home country driving licence, only permit, couldn't rent it though I brought both but had to pay c$250 more lol lesson learned.
Comment from : veeriabroadcast

Amazing as always Nadine.
Comment from : Heavenlyfilmpro

Matthew Weaver
Holy thumbnail
Comment from : Matthew Weaver

Do you know when buying and selling a car is cheaper or somehow better choice? (or have you done it?)
Comment from : Pexzee

Col Canto
Lots of beautiful things for you, happy new year 2019 !
Comment from : Col Canto

Meggie Kay
I've only rented a car once while travelling in Japan and I was so nervous about it. I was scared that the first time I get into an accident will be in a rental so I got ALL the insurance. Hahah
It was so useful that I'd look into it more while travelling other places.

Comment from : Meggie Kay

Beatrice Bianca
Love the video!
Comment from : Beatrice Bianca

Alex Tran Long
Thank you that you sharing this video and it really value and useful! Just keep moving forward and never give up, wish you all the best! ❤️
Comment from : Alex Tran Long

Badlaama Urukehu
Nice thumb.
Comment from : Badlaama Urukehu

Larry Outdoors
Getting my passport, good timing.
Comment from : Larry Outdoors

Erik Romanov
May I add that if you rent a big enough car, you car sleep in it.
This might not work in more urban areas though.

Comment from : Erik Romanov

Minot Christine
OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you for this!!!!!!! My husband and I are planning a big trip to Italy in May and we're renting a car and this was soooo helpful and I got to hear it from my favourite travel vlogger :D!
Comment from : Minot Christine

Diane Schenkelberg
It's technically called an International Driving Permit, not license. Also, when you pick up the car, get directions on how and where to drop it off! Some airports are not well signed for car rental returns. We returned from Melbourne, Australia, where sections of the airport were under construction and the location for returns was a temporary one with very poor signage. If you were in the wrong lane, you wouldn't even see the sign. We circled around a couple of times before getting it right. Also, if you are spending your last night at an airport hotel because of an early morning flight, consider dropping your car off the night before and using the hotel's shuttle to take you to the hotel. It will be less stress in the morning when you are tired.
Comment from : Diane Schenkelberg

David Egan
Driving in Quito, Ecuador. Pure insanity.. but I made it!! Love your videos xo
Comment from : David Egan

Samantha Heflin
Are you still allowed to drive in a country where they drive on the opposite side of the road?
Comment from : Samantha Heflin

Grant H.
Just what I needed! I'm debating training it everywhere, driving everywhere, or short distance driving/train mix. I'll check out Renault and do a price estimation.
Comment from : Grant H.

Jamie & Guy
We hired a car in Iceland and on our trips to America and can not recommend it enough, it gives you so much more freedom. Can be quite daunting though, so this video is very useful for first timers :-)
Comment from : Jamie & Guy

Anne Elizabeth
Wow, this video is so useful! I've never tried to rent a car out of America, and this video is a perfect, crash course if I want to.
Comment from : Anne Elizabeth

Another good thing to do is to take pictures of any existing damage on the car when you rent it. That way you can be sure that noone tries to blame you for something you did not do.
Comment from : Moraren

JS Visuals
Some greet tips, oh I hate the extra charges. When I went to Italy at the airport they hit me with a huge insurance add in because I’m under 25. And then a few other add ons. I thought I had checked everything but obviously not 😭 hopefully next time I can avoid the charges by following the tips!
Comment from : JS Visuals

Brittany Thompson
Driving automatic in the US was genuinely the scariest moment of my life! Coming from England we drive on the other side and manually! Don’t let thing like that put you off driving in other countries, for me it made me a better driver and definitely grew my confidence not just in driving but going to non tourist destinations!
Comment from : Brittany Thompson

Dale Erdmann
I'd argue that a helicopter would take you more places. ;)

Also, Americans are wimps (and I am a US citizen). Standard transmissions, not only are more reliable, but more popular in other countries because they're not lazy and know how to drive standards.

Comment from : Dale Erdmann

Matthew Tasker
Looking forward to seeing you explore my home region of the French Riviera 😎. So funny for me to see your shots from Nice airport (as I pass through there so often 😂).
Comment from : Matthew Tasker

Graham Jonathan
Wife: 'I have blisters on my hands from the broom'.

Husband: 'Well next time take the car stupid"

Comment from : Graham Jonathan

Great travel info video! This is where you shine. I learned so much before my backpacking trip from watching your original videos! Thanks!
Comment from : ibedexter

Always wondered about this aspect of traveling. I've always used public transport that can be limiting if you like to explore places in depth, unless you like to walk a lot. Do the companies charge you more if you go over borders? In some cases is it cheaper, or easier, to rent a car for the country you are in, then rent another in the neighboring country?
Comment from : dspid2404

Leanne Klauwer
I need this video! Looking to rent a car in Canada and indeed the things you said are true. Slowly learning a lot about different sites and features of cars :)
Comment from : Leanne Klauwer

Old Farm Show
Thank you for your Videos
Comment from : Old Farm Show

Cant wait for the roadtrip video!!!!! Have fun!!!!
Comment from : iAmerica

Employment News
Come India .
Comment from : Employment News

Travel Hunter
First !
Comment from : Travel Hunter

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