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Ahh nice to watch 2 cheaters going at it.
Comment from : JoMama123451234

A game between cheaters. Fuck both of them.
Comment from : NirvanaFrk97

Red Sox>Trash cans
Comment from : Steve

collin evenson
14:21 best sound ever
Comment from : collin evenson

César Flórez
16:40 the face of... "the sign stealing didn't work this time" although I don't think they used it this time 'cause Cora was on the other dogaut..
Comment from : César Flórez

Douglas Alexander
Boston got revenge.
Comment from : Douglas Alexander

Samuel Buquet
Comment from : Samuel Buquet

Team Carrot
Kemp didn’t catch that at 6:23
Comment from : Team Carrot

Marc Anderson
Meanwhile in this years ALCS the Astros are wearing “Take it Back” shirts while the Nats are laying the wood to the ‘Stros
Comment from : Marc Anderson

Paul Crompton
I just realized, after Altuve’s walk off in game six of the 2019 ALCS, the ALCS has ended in Minute Maid Park three years in a row
Comment from : Paul Crompton

Richard Michael
Trump's invitation to the White House killed the harmony of the team on 2019. Some players went, some didn't. Nobody should have gone and the owners are to blame so now they fire Dombrowski.
Comment from : Richard Michael

Richard Michael
Red won four straight, including 3 at Houston after losing the first game. At 623, that was not a catch, hit the wall first, and the noise was the main reason, but it hit quite above the left fielder's glove, not sure if that was reviewable at the time.
Comment from : Richard Michael

King_FieldOfBattleYT - Auto Rap Battles and Other
10:43 bogaerts...what a man. He predicted the rest of ALCS
Comment from : King_FieldOfBattleYT - Auto Rap Battles and Other

Mo Shen
Watching this a year later, how in the earth did we win a game each against Verlander and Cole...
Comment from : Mo Shen

Bob Bob
This is still great to watch.
Comment from : Bob Bob

Oh, what's this? An opposing team celebrating on the Astro's home turf? 😂
Comment from : elevate111

Rohan the Mistry solver
4:25 that dance though
Comment from : Rohan the Mistry solver

Enrique Salinas
Red sox world series was a fluke astros should have won game 4 and 5 but the umps cheated them and then they dont even make the post season the next year get out of here😂
Comment from : Enrique Salinas

Now I can watch this without being upset because my Astros are still a juggernaut of a team and the Red Sox aren’t even making the playoffs lmao
Comment from : Coop

Catalyst V7
1:42 This is how Every Astros Fan Looks

Comment from : Catalyst V7

Jake Wissinger
i love the Boston Red Sox its a cool team and 16:35 it's silent crowd!
Comment from : Jake Wissinger

Mauricio Luque
6:24 😲😱
Comment from : Mauricio Luque

Smiley Kat
3:41 It just bounces on that ledge
Comment from : Smiley Kat

Zuma Dude
I remember the Astros fan that interfered with Betts in Game 3, saying that he did nothing wrong. That ball was clearly still in the field of play though.
Comment from : Zuma Dude

Matthew Prior
6:30 I love how Correa comes to check on him all the way from Shortstop
Comment from : Matthew Prior

Chris Goode
Who’s watching in 2019 because the Red Sox are to horrible to watch this season?
Comment from : Chris Goode

What the fuck happened Houston?
Comment from : RoadToDawn

Jack Tyler
JbJ homer is the smoothest swing ever
Comment from : Jack Tyler

Multi - jh
13:15 what a dive catch ! amazing moment to win the ALCS series !
Comment from : Multi - jh

Angel Macias
As a Dodger Fan, I enjoy watching this series. Its like watching someone beat up your Bully
Comment from : Angel Macias

Nate Burnett
11:43 replay that all you want
Comment from : Nate Burnett

Nate Burnett
Lol people saying Mookie was in the crowd but you can clearly tell the fans out their arms out onto the field of play
Comment from : Nate Burnett

Nate Burnett
I know we shouldn’t complain cause we won the World Series but we could’ve won the first game. Did you see the pitches that ump was giving Verlander?
Comment from : Nate Burnett

Tucker Slaughter
Seriously? No one is gonna talk about the substance on Price’s arm? K
Comment from : Tucker Slaughter

Evan Whipp
Comment from : Evan Whipp

Osvaldo Alcántara Santana
I don't even know how I come here... this was a nightmare.
Comment from : Osvaldo Alcántara Santana

My Life Your Entertainment
You knew Boston was gonna win when Jackie Bradley Jr. was getting big time hits
Comment from : My Life Your Entertainment

Eric Przybyl
It’s satisfying to know that the astros will be in the postseason this year and the Sox won’t
Comment from : Eric Przybyl

Joelgutz 01
Happy to say I was able to watch this team play and kick ass. Go Sox!
Comment from : Joelgutz 01

Sloth Games
In Game 5 Astros fans are salty bout JD Martinez home run after a missed strike but if he was out then they would’ve won 3-1 so it’s not the hon plate umps fault you salty losers.
Comment from : Sloth Games

Adrián gonzales Batista
Let's go (RED SOX) .........foking correa 🖕🇵🇷🖕💩
Comment from : Adrián gonzales Batista

Luckiest team ever
Comment from : Rodneagle

dana van
2:21 James harden move?
Comment from : dana van

Andrew Crane
Pearce’s homer is the definition of an absolute barrel. Just listen to the pure crack of the bat!

Comment from : Andrew Crane

Kevin Sousa
9:40 What would have been the one of the greatest catches in mlb ruined
Comment from : Kevin Sousa

Bob Melvin
You s s s s s s say something s s s s s spriinger
Comment from : Bob Melvin

Michael Wallace
As a Boston fan, I'm hoping for a rematch this postseason. The Astros were a worthy foe, and are playing great this year. Hopefully, the Red Sox can rise up again.
Comment from : Michael Wallace

Conner Merrill
Not trying to be mean but the astros is a cocky team
Comment from : Conner Merrill

Barragan Boys
The Red Sox kept fighting back like nope you ain’t gonna win, poor Astros lmao
Comment from : Barragan Boys

Jack McGinn
what wrong with these salty astros fans they literally closed Mookies glove
Comment from : Jack McGinn

Al Baptiste
The Red Sox the defending world champions are amazing to watch. You’re listening to a Yankees fan here nothing but respect for the people teams and city💯👍🏾
Comment from : Al Baptiste

Brian Dubowik
Looking back on it, this was a much more exciting series than the series score suggests. Every game was close (except for 1 and 3, which were both 1 run games going into the 8th), 2 games featured near-comebacks in the 9th, and there were great plays from both teams. Although while watching the series it seemed like the Red Sox were completely destroying Houston, it was actually a pretty good series (for a 5 game series)
Comment from : Brian Dubowik

Chris Kreager
Luckiest team ever.
Comment from : Chris Kreager

Mayan Empire
Go Astros for life we beat the Red Sux in our first match up series in history
Comment from : Mayan Empire

the black capitalist
Comment from : the black capitalist

Joe Castiglione falling out of his chair 😂
Comment from : Jun123

Red Sox fan here. Moved to Houston in 2016. I went to a game in 2018 during a 4 game series against the Astros, and we lost that game. I was wearing my Red Sox jersey and got heckled by an Astros fan on my way out saying "WHAT HAPPEN BOSTON?" I wonder where he was when we clinched a World Series spot.. I'd love to tell him what happened.
Comment from : Alexander

Manuel Cotto
Andrew Benintendi has the biggest balls in baseball! I get so pumped every time I see that catch
Comment from : Manuel Cotto

monkey bros
it doesn’t matter now knowing my sox won but 6:23 kemp didn’t catch that
Comment from : monkey bros

It's me, Hispanic Oprah
I still couldn't believe Houston fans and Sox haters were arguing there wasn't interference on Mookie's catch attempt.
Comment from : It's me, Hispanic Oprah

After that first game Houston thought they actually had any kind of chance LMAO
Comment from : Paultheguitarist

JuanCarlos Reyna
14:20 literally same fucking pitch that price was throwing, low and on the corner, I really hate umps sometimes
Comment from : JuanCarlos Reyna

JuanCarlos Reyna
12:37 the guts to dive, knowing damn well if he misses......game over
Comment from : JuanCarlos Reyna

JuanCarlos Reyna
If joe west called altuves hit a homerun, it would've been a different story
Comment from : JuanCarlos Reyna

JuanCarlos Reyna
The outcome of this game pissed me off
Comment from : JuanCarlos Reyna

JuanCarlos Reyna
10:13 the astros got badly burned, the ball was clearly well within the bleachers, should've been a dinger
Comment from : JuanCarlos Reyna

JuanCarlos Reyna
Oh and the astros constantly swung at first pitches, which is something you don't do
Comment from : JuanCarlos Reyna

JuanCarlos Reyna
For those of you that think it's cocky to celebrate a game 1 win, you really should celebrate every World Series win, it's a huge thing and it's hard to accomplish.
Comment from : JuanCarlos Reyna

JuanCarlos Reyna
Being a baseball player and a massive fan of the sport, I always love how players argue balsl and strikes, like there's nothing you can do about it. It's not like the ump is gonna reverse a ball or a strike
Comment from : JuanCarlos Reyna

I was at game 3 and when I walked in I could tell there was no energy in Minute Maid
Comment from : Joe

Larry Primeau
looked like Houston was going to take the series...then the red Sox turned on the jets and never looked back.
Comment from : Larry Primeau

8:28 now there’s an interesting stat...
Comment from : Theroux

Yankee fan here, to say that while I hate the Sox with a passion I do respect what they accomplished. Boston ran roughshod over the Yankees, then the former World Series champion Astros, and then the Dodgers. This was an insane run fueled by some of the most clutch hitting I have ever seen. I do not expect Boston to repeat this (fingers crossed), but yeah the best team this year won
Comment from : PatriotPride

Hardcore Drugs
Astros fans blaming the umpires for this series lost smh look at the pitching they face and the batters they face and the failure they have after not the umps
Comment from : Hardcore Drugs

Thee Surge
It's so nice to see astros fans get their smiles wiped.
Comment from : Thee Surge

DTOM, ¿eStamos?
This was such a satisfying series win. The astros are so arrogant, every time they get scored on they say its a cheap hit, luck or a fluke. Brehgman the most overrated player ever said after the series,"did the best team win? I don't know about that..."
RedSox are a far better team.

Comment from : DTOM, ¿eStamos?

Donald Mousseau
It's amazing how much better Boston was in this series. Up and down the line up and on the mound... Houston looked over matched...
Comment from : Donald Mousseau

scoring early was the difference maker
Comment from : XxEpicbadass79xX

I love my Redsox.
Comment from : bigbadbruins1

André Luís
Joe Castiglioni is a treasure! Lmao
Comment from : André Luís

TH Chan
Great series.
Comment from : TH Chan

Adrián Salom
Post that on IG Fucking Bregman
Comment from : Adrián Salom

Adrián Salom
My godness... 13:08 thank you Benny i love you.
Comment from : Adrián Salom

Adrián Salom
Comment from : Adrián Salom

Justin Bath
0:49 the way jbj caught his helmet was smooth as hell
Comment from : Justin Bath

Avi Scheinberg
HoUsToN iN fOuR
Comment from : Avi Scheinberg

Jordan Eribben
Man I was rooting for the Astros last year because I hated every team they played except us of course, but this year I really didn’t like them. They were hella arrogant, especially Bregman. They overreacted to literally everything, sorta like a team full of Puigs. I like it when guys play with swagger, makes the game fun, but sometimes they came off a bit showboaty, like it was a given they were beating us. Glad we whooped em pretty bad
Comment from : Jordan Eribben

Tim Noonan
8:49. Legend.
Comment from : Tim Noonan

My greatest thrill was seeing Yankee, Astro, and Dodger fans destroyed by Sox dominance. Satisfaction guaranteed
Comment from : Frankincensed

Jethro Jacinto
Cheating Astros couldnt win after getting exposed
Comment from : Jethro Jacinto

If Red Sox haters only watched 0:00-3:37, they would think the Sox had no chance to win the series 😂
Comment from : Chuck

Shane McNelis
This was the real World Series. Both of these teams were machines, and if the Astros’ players were more healthy, I think this series would have gone on longer.
Comment from : Shane McNelis

Roberto Acevedo
Boston have the best running team in the league
Comment from : Roberto Acevedo

Red Sox should’ve swept those bums. Same with the dodgers.
Comment from : thiefswiller

sang tran
Astros were tough
Comment from : sang tran

Kuruma Uzamaki
For altuve interference bets was interfered with while the ball was still in play from what it looks like to me I don’t know if there’s Anthony about interference on a ball that would’ve gotten out
Comment from : Kuruma Uzamaki

Todos los dominicanos asáramos a Houston por no tener ningún dominicano en su equipo y hasta que no tenga más de 3 dominicano en su equipo, no van a pasar de la serie regular.
Comment from : DDS ACADEMY BONAO

Daniel Arellano
Coming from a dodger fan... that should have been a 2 run homer from altuve, now I see why so many fans are mad
Comment from : Daniel Arellano

If you want to know why just look at my profile picture
Comment from : EVILMAGICIAN 721

This is so satisfying seeing the Astro players and fans being disappointed every time Boston scores
Comment from : EVILMAGICIAN 721

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