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B. C. Schmerker
The HAMMOND® 935 would have been a good item for the Blended-Worship experiment. I grew up under the influence of the Organ Reform Movement of the early 20th Century, and to the Classical organist Hammond Electric Instruments' B- and C-Series instruments were seriously short on Pedal tones. Most likely I'd have at least the 16', 8', and 4' Pedal principals active even with drawbars out on both manuals.
Comment from : B. C. Schmerker

John Opalko
Sweet, but I still miss my B-3.
Comment from : John Opalko

Joshua Lee D's Music
I think I need that for New Eden sda church but I have to make lots of money
Comment from : Joshua Lee D's Music

Bryan Leech
A delightful instrument. No replacement for a pipe organ (its pipe sounds are far from authentic) but it would be excellent where a wide range of musical styles are wanted.
Comment from : Bryan Leech

J. K.
Comment from : J. K.

Oskar Dolch
Is it only me who has the sound shifted about 5 seconds after the video?
Comment from : Oskar Dolch

R Dean Han
Floppy disk media??
Comment from : R Dean Han

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