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Andres Ramírez


Comment from : Andres Ramírez

Razor High Flyer
smol bren: 5+2×3

Big Brain: 5+2+2+2

Comment from : Razor High Flyer

Hyped G4m1ng_10
8 divided by 2 (2+2)
Comment from : Hyped G4m1ng_10

Love Evaste
Comment from : Love Evaste

Dr. Ram Janam Dubey
Comment from : Dr. Ram Janam Dubey

Malia Boyd
I love this video
Comment from : Malia Boyd

Jordon - Roblox
This is a good video😊😊😊😊😊
Comment from : Jordon - Roblox

Lee Oz
Comment from : Lee Oz

Rashawn Williams
It is also called pemdas
Comment from : Rashawn Williams

joseph aleon
nice teaching sir!
Comment from : joseph aleon

Jeremiah Converse
I like it
Comment from : Jeremiah Converse

James Hynds
Who else is reading the comments instead of actually watching the vid haha my maths test is on Monday help
Comment from : James Hynds

Ana Alicia de Paz Noriega
math antics saving lives since 2011
Comment from : Ana Alicia de Paz Noriega

James O
What if the agreed order of the order of operations is completely wrong and it should be in a different order?
Comment from : James O

Broddrick Johnson Jr
2 + 5 x 4 = 22
Comment from : Broddrick Johnson Jr

Gianna Fernandez
Who else got a add from studypug I always get 1 if I watch mathantics
Comment from : Gianna Fernandez

cynthia suni rosales
Math teacher:*explains for 1 hour*
us:*solves 20-5+4(5x7)+1 in 1 min

Comment from : cynthia suni rosales

Levar Haynes
Hi I love to watch your videos
Comment from : Levar Haynes

kwokyan chung
Comment from : kwokyan chung

Mohammed Hussaini (Al)
order of operations is easy
Comment from : Mohammed Hussaini (Al)

Elmer Ares
how amazing this guy is!!! superb explanation, thank u sir, u are great!
Comment from : Elmer Ares

Shi Tony
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (parentheses exponents multiplication division add subtract
Comment from : Shi Tony

Finley Canterbury
This is math)%£;@9-;2731’k*34🤭
Comment from : Finley Canterbury

sprinkle sparkle unicorn
Comment from : sprinkle sparkle unicorn

Chaya Hurkoo
Comment from : Chaya Hurkoo

seema sudhir
mustach guy :but you better not copy my answer

rob :dont worry i will not copy ur answer because i want the right answer

btw i love ur vids i am A straight a student :)

Comment from : seema sudhir

Diego Castillo
I waste my time play roblox but I make up for it by watching mathantics also any one 2019
Comment from : Diego Castillo

I have a test today and this won’t help ;w; I’m doing Combinations of Operations
Comment from : xUniversalxMidnightx

Fatemah Tazreeyan
ur the best in maths i love u but me too is good in math LOL!
Comment from : Fatemah Tazreeyan

May May
I love this guy like if you do to
Comment from : May May

Stephanie Pinckney
yes it is 28
Comment from : Stephanie Pinckney

My Daddy
You make my life so much easier! thank you abundantly! I'm actually going to subscribe for a yearly account on your website, this Too good! thanks
Comment from : My Daddy

Sarim Ali
Can u send me u r email id plz
Comment from : Sarim Ali

Sarim Ali
Thanx sir
Comment from : Sarim Ali

Silver Bat
Great video, this really helped my kids and they said it was actually fun! :D
Comment from : Silver Bat

Rafar's Wholesome Randomness
well when do i do roots? is it along with exponents?
Comment from : Rafar's Wholesome Randomness

Ghost Boy
You can also use pemdas
Comment from : Ghost Boy

Paul Decoste
You are WAY BETTER than my teacher. EVERYBODY AROUND GIVE ROB A LIKE IF HE HELPED YOU AND LIKE THIS COMMENT TOO. Thanks Rob!!!! Your the best😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😁😀😀😊😀
Comment from : Paul Decoste

Capo Belize
How can anyone not like or understand your way of teaching? Especially (English speakers) Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this has helped me in such a short time.
Comment from : Capo Belize

Comment from : CATA

Where were you in the 90s when I was growing up? Haha
Comment from : Nillaferilla

Benita Darjee
yo i get it
Comment from : Benita Darjee

mary bynum
or pemdas
Comment from : mary bynum

mary bynum
So to solve the problem you use gemdas.
Comment from : mary bynum

People keep saying 6 ÷ 2(1 + 2) is 1.

Is it really 1 Mr. Mathantics?

Comment from : Jadeeen

raja malireddy
you love math righth and u have a channel named mathantics so u love math +antics like if u like my joke
Comment from : raja malireddy

Omar Mahmoud
1:31 You are correct!!!! Even checked my calculator
Comment from : Omar Mahmoud

Jada Moman
Lol watching this and I hate math😂
Comment from : Jada Moman

Pandora Official
Anyone in 1665 watching?
Comment from : Pandora Official

lmao this is my homework and I forgot the process on how to solve it 😂😂 But I listened to class tho:/ it was just too hardㅠㅠ
Comment from : wInTeRiCeBeAr

Wenz Wenzel
I owe you a sincere debt of gratitude. You've been insanely helpful to my children for many years now. I wish I had a math teacher like you long ago.
Comment from : Wenz Wenzel

Mohammed uddin Kamal
Comment from : Mohammed uddin Kamal

Nahida Shilpi
Comment from : Nahida Shilpi

Nahida Shilpi
Comment from : Nahida Shilpi

Edgar Laurel Jr.
What if it's [3x4]3power to 2
Comment from : Edgar Laurel Jr.

Gila Montenegro
I like math if you like math 1 like
Comment from : Gila Montenegro

abig7540 abig7540
is it just me or is he sometimes anoing
Comment from : abig7540 abig7540

ryan vanemmenis
this so helpful
Comment from : ryan vanemmenis

Sambat Sok
So 9÷3×2÷6=1?
Comment from : Sambat Sok

Sidra Sindha
i did not know that 5 plus 5 equals 25 (5:29-5:32)
Comment from : Sidra Sindha

knowledge zone
Easy and fantastic teaching style. Thank u so much sir.
From pakistan

Comment from : knowledge zone

「 Mari・San 」
Comment from : 「 Mari・San 」

Freetime Vlogstar
You're editing is always funny 😂 lol
Comment from : Freetime Vlogstar

“The right answer is ‘bOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP, 22.”
Comment from : PATCHEETA

Mathematics For Grade 5 Children
Easy & Fun To Learn Through Structured Playlist Course
Subscribe To The Courseaholics Channel

Comment from : Courseaholics

Angela Harris
Comment from : Angela Harris

thanks sooo much #2019
Comment from : Potatoetoe

Danm I have a test Wednesday and I had no idea how the frick to do this but after this video I’m gonna rock it
Comment from : Excarternoah1

Amir Waraich
more better then study plug
Comment from : Amir Waraich

Hamza Siddique
Great job
Comment from : Hamza Siddique

Unlaneo The SB Fan and NB Hater AUTTP
I learned this mostly and it was very easy
Comment from : Unlaneo The SB Fan and NB Hater AUTTP

benjamin massie
DUDE you made this so much easyer
Comment from : benjamin massie

ford fairlane
but if the parentheses and brackets are the same  then why make them look different? to try and fool someone? lol
Comment from : ford fairlane

Ilea Deherrera
Thank you so much! My class always watches you during a new lesson. The picture is my mom. I think you are right. The other buuuut doesn't know what her is talking about!😊
Comment from : Ilea Deherrera

Ethan Gooding
how do you know so much
Comment from : Ethan Gooding

Purple_ lolz
Remember GEMDAS
G- Grouping symbol
E- exponent
M- multiplication
D- Division
A- addition
S- subtraction

Comment from : Purple_ lolz

Purple_ lolz
Remember GEMDAS
G- Grouping symbols
(parentheses & brackets)
E- exponent
(Ex: 3³, 4⁵) smaller number on top of big numbe ris exponent
M- multiplication
If multiplication and division is mext together remember "first come first serve"
D- Division
A- addition
Like division and multiplication
"First come first serve" is addition and subtraction are beside each other even if they are not a line like even subtraction is first and next to it is addition
S- Subtraction

Comment from : Purple_ lolz

whats with the antics
Comment from : sharonceciliam

Shabnam Rani
Lovely explanation..thank you soo much for such informative video.God bless you
Comment from : Shabnam Rani

Jethro Reading
So what about if you have parenthesis and brackets? Should one be done before the other?
Comment from : Jethro Reading

Xaviar Sherman
Do a video with fractions
Comment from : Xaviar Sherman

Busisiwe Maelo
This helped me so much
Comment from : Busisiwe Maelo

FRZN ShadowReaper
him: which guy is correct?

Me: YOU Because u are both them...

Comment from : FRZN ShadowReaper

Mia Milas
Omg this makes so much sense lolz😂
Comment from : Mia Milas

Yusuf Jama
1 like=more vids
Comment from : Yusuf Jama

Awes Official
My teacher explained it well but this assignment have exponents even if my teacher dont explain the exponent in math-series of operation. Or maybe i just dont hear it because im too noisy haha
Comment from : Awes Official

heyitzrose132 aj
wow my teacher tried to teach this and the WHOLE class was so confused. this really helped me out
thank you :) you just got a new subscriber

Comment from : heyitzrose132 aj

Joelle Ewung
L am in 3rd grade
Comment from : Joelle Ewung

Martín Valderrama Betancourt
This gives alot of estrategies
Comment from : Martín Valderrama Betancourt

Truette Howard
As a teenager, I'm offended. 😉
Comment from : Truette Howard

Universal songs
Use this method BDMAS
B=bracket or parentheses

Comment from : Universal songs

dia kelly
I love math
Comment from : dia kelly

Joshi Boi
I hate this
Comment from : Joshi Boi

Shakespeare Lives
Who's here for study skills tps?
Comment from : Shakespeare Lives

ırmak aygün
Me: I hate math
In the manthantic: I love math

Comment from : ırmak aygün

Chris Jhei
Who is whatching this in 2019 . This is how many is whatching this in 2019
Comment from : Chris Jhei

Coco Chanel
My teacher made this so difficult and was writing numbers so fast on the board but after I watched this video I felt like Einstein .... Middle school is trash
Comment from : Coco Chanel

Angelo Perez
Thank you!!
Comment from : Angelo Perez

midor Iya
Sanaol magaling sa math
Comment from : midor Iya

Yassin Hosny
any one in 2020 is watching
Comment from : Yassin Hosny

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